I read this book as part of the same theological mentoring program that I've read a bunch of other dense theological works with recently (The Charismatic Theology of St. Luke, People of the Spirit, Spirit and Kingdom in the Writings of Luke and Paul, among others). I really enjoyed this book quite a bit. It reads much less scholarly than the others listed there, and it addresses one of the major questions I'd been wrestling with for the last couple of years: why is it that we refer to Kingdom Theology as Inaugurated Eschatology? Where does the eschatology part come from? This book unpacks that powerfully.

König's main thesis in this book is that everything Jesus does is eschatological. That because Jesus is the End (Rev 22:13), then everything that Jesus does is by definition eschatology. The title of the book is powerful picture of his premise: Christ's work is eclipsed by eschatology–there is a complete overlap and identification. Once this premise is established, König continues to organize a systematic theology around this eschatological premise. He explores three main thrusts of God's activity–Christ Realizes the Goal For Us, Christ Realizes the Goal In Us, Christ Realizes the Goal With Us–and frames all the rest of theology around this basis.

I found this book incredibly interesting. I find myself chewing on the idea that Jesus is the End and that continuing to adjust the way I'm reading the Bible. One of my favorite books I've read so far in said program. It's certainly the best work I've read at addressing the eschatological connection in Kingdom Theology.

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