Loving the Kingdom Adventure

Hi! My name is Putty Putman, and I'm a physicist-turned-pastor-turned-entrepeneur-turned-author. I'm on a wonderful adventure of Jesus, and I'd love to share the treasures I've found along the way with you!


What I'm passionate about:

The Holy Spirit

When I met the Holy Spirit, he changed everything for me. I had no idea what my faith journey could become until he came crashing into my life. Now I love to teach others to do the same.


Preaching and writing are deep passions of mine. I love to share what I'm thinking, whether it's a blog, article, sermon, conference or book.

The Future

The answer to the problems of the present is the future, and the future has never been more critical than right now! I love to connect and think about strategy, leadership, and the future of the Church.

Some of the projects i'm involved in:
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What I've been working on lately...

Future Church
Holy Spirit
Current Events
October 16, 2020
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Current Events
Future Church
Holy Spirit
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Input from others:

“It is an honor for me to have a friend like Putty Putman who is living and loving from the heart of Jesus.”

Leif Hetland
President of Global Mission Awareness

"Putty unearths the real meaning of the normal Christian life and teaches us how to walk in our divine mandate as world-changers."

Kris Vallotton
Pastor, Bethel Church

“If you want everyone who encounters you to encounter Jesus, you’ve got to first encounter His full Gospel. Let my brilliant friend Putty show you how to live like Jesus.”

Laura Harris Smith
Author of Seeing the Voice of God
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