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Hi! My name is Putty Putman, and I'm a physicist-turned-pastor-turned-entrepeneur-turned-author. I'm on a wonderful adventure of Jesus, and I'd love to share the treasures I've found along the way with you!

Thriving During COVID Launches!

I'm very excited to share that my first ever e-course has just launched! This is a series of ten all-new lessons, each specifically created to give spiritual perspective and insight for how to thrive this is exact moment. I believe this season will be a once-in-a-lifetime change to accelerate and grow, and I want to share how that works!


What I'm passionate about:

The Holy Spirit

When I met the Holy Spirit, he changed everything for me. I had no idea what my faith journey could become until he came crashing into my life. Now I love to teach others to do the same.


Preaching and writing are deep passions of mine. I love to share what I'm thinking, whether it's a blog, article, sermon, conference or book.

The Future

The answer to the problems of the present is the future, and the future has never been more critical than right now! I love to connect and think about strategy, leadership, and the future of the Church.

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Reading Log

The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self
Carl Trueman

I don't exactly recall where I came across this book (edit: it was Wilson Cochrane who recommended it to me), but I bumped into it earlier in 2022 and I just recently picked it up to read it through. It was fantastic, I'm so glad I did.

This book is essentially an exposition on the last 250 years of philosophical development in western culture. Starting with the romantics, making his way through Nietzsche, Marx, and Darwin, continuing through Freud, and making his way into the countercultural 1960s and beyond (with. many other omitted from this list along the way), Trueman traces the layer-upon-layer of development of our understanding of the self that eventually culminated in the present moment with its current view of the self, and how sexuality and sexual expression is understood as a central facet of who we are. Trueman shows that the present moment and its conversations about sexual ethics are the natural culmination of the idea of the "theraputic self" and what it means when any sense of external authority to the world is removed from the ethical framework.

This was a dense read - it reads like an academic book on the history of philosophy - but it was a fantastic book. As someone who engages culture as a part of my pastoral vocation, I feel like I understand the intellectual underpinnings and trajectory of our culture's ethical imagination in a way I never did before. It also has all kinds of thoughts churning inside about how we can meaningfully engage said culture in dialogue.

The Code Breaker
Walter Isaacson

I bumped into this book randomly at the library one day. I recognized the author because one of my favorite biographies is Isaacsons' Steve Jobs (admittedly as a creative visionary I find Steve Jobs incredibly interesting). On a whim I decided to snag the book and see if it would be a fun way to learn a bit more about the current state of Gene editing and vicarious experience the frontiers of science once again. I'm so glad I did!

Probably. most days that I read this book I found myself exclaiming to Brittany about how good a book it was and how much I was enjoying it. Isaacson's writing style is easy to read - even while unpacking somewhat technical scientific ideas - and his enthusiasm about this emerging field comes through clearly. It's a gripping story that weaves in and out of scientific discovery, entrepreneurial sprints, legal battles, ethical conundrums, and it runs smack into the Coronavirus and how gene editing played a role in diagnostics and vaccine development. The Code Breaker comes in at 481 pages, but it reads so well I hardly noticed!

The Problem of Wineskins
Howard Snyder

I came across this book as a recommendation from Ken Fish. I recently recorded an episode on his podcast and afterwards he recommended that I check out this book and read it through. It was a bit older, but he suggested that some of what I was saying resonated with what Snyder offered as the trajectory of the church in our present day. The Problem of Wineskins is a prophetic challenge to dig deeper: to look beyond the Church-as-Institution that is still so prevalent in our models and methodology in our day and perceive the need to keep the wine (the fellowship of the Christian community), but let God introduce new wineskins (structures that help facilitate said fellowship).

I found this book really encouraging in that it confirmed a lot of the assessments I've made about how our present-day church models are increasingly not fitting this cultural moment and what it means to see the wine and the wineskins separately. The book does show it's age from time to time, but the prophetic challenge Snyder brings to the church feels relevant in our day as well.

The Charismatic Theology of St. Luke
Roger Stronstad

I read this book as part of a theological mentoring program that I'm a part of, and I'm thrilled I did! I found this book incredibly interesting and enlightening to read. This book reads like a theological book (not for those not used to a level of academic reading), but it was well worth the effort.

Stronstad does a masterful job tying together Biblical threads from the Old Testament about the Spirit of God and showing how those threads run continuously through the Luke-Acts two-volume work. I found it really interesting and challenging. I don't think I understood why sometimes I've heard people say that Luke is the "theologian of the Spirit" before reading this book, but I get it now. I also found it really interesting that although Luke is the author who pens the most words of any in the New Testament, I've come across strikingly little conversation about his works. Compared with Paul or John, I found Luke was a gap in my study - and I suspect I'm not alone in that regard. This book helped me develop in a blind spot I didn't know I had.

Disappearing Church
Mark Sayers

I've listened to Mark Sayers in podcast form for a while and in general I've found his cultural analysis to be brilliant. I finally decided to pick up one of his books and give it a read. Fantastic stuff. In this book Sayers, who lives in Melbourne, Australia, grapples with the trajectory of culture in the west and what it means to be the Church in this era. He grapples with the idea of a "third culture" - the term he uses to describe post-Christianity as a culture and what it means to live as a counter cultural "creative minority" in an increasingly secular and anti-Jesus culture. Thought provoking and challenging stuff!

As I read Disappearing Church, I found myself grappling with the meaning behind cultural trends I've seen for quite a while, and I found that a really useful exercise. I also found myself wrestling at a deeper level with what it means to be a counterculture; something Sayers draws to the surface as a need for the Church to embrace. I also just really enjoyed it; it's well written and really thought-provoking.


Input from others:

Putty Putman challenges Christians to live supernatural lives- something I believe true biblical discipleship requires. I know Putty personally and can vouch for his commitment to Christ. He is a brilliant, yet humble man.

Dr. Randy Clark
Founder, Global Awakening

Putty awakens readers to this overlooked truth: The Kingdom, empowered by the Spirit, is a collective force guided intelligently by God's unseen hand.

Dr. Michael Heiser
Author of The Unseen Realm

It is an honor for me to have a friend like Putty Putman who is living and loving from the heart of Jesus.

Leif Hetland
President of Global Mission Awareness

Throughout my ministerial career, there are a few teachings I have heard that stand out over the rest. One of them is Putty's teaching on the reformation at hand and the role of interdependence in the middle of what the Father is doing.

Chad Norris
Lead Pastor of Bridgeway Church

Putty unearths the real meaning of the normal Christian life and teaches us how to walk in our divine mandate as world-changers.

Kris Vallotton
Pastor, Bethel Church

If you want everyone who encounters you to encounter Jesus, you’ve got to first encounter His full Gospel. Let my brilliant friend Putty show you how to live like Jesus.

Laura Harris Smith
Author of Seeing the Voice of God
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