What I do

The things I spend my time on now revolve around my three main passions and areas of competency. I'm involved with each of them along a few different trajectories, depending on the context.

The holy spirit

The empowerment we all need for our own Christian adventure

Meeting the Holy Spirit changed my life and kicked me off on the wonderful adventure that I continue on to this day. Since that life-changing day, I am passionate about sharing everything I've learned with others. It's easy to want to pass along the best thing that's ever happened to you!


Building a foundation of gospel understanding for our complex times

With the complexity and chaos of our current context, forming people in the truth of Jesus Christ is more critical than ever. I'm passionate about speaking, writing, interviewing, filming, and any other method of sharing and grounding people in the gospel.

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the future

Moving towards the next God has for us

God is always doing a new thing in the world, and that seems extra clear in these strange times we find ourselves in. I've always found myself compelled by a love for possibility, for what is waiting for us at the horizon. Perhaps I'm still getting comfortable with the label, but people keep telling me I'm a thought leader, and it is true that I love to work in the area of ideas.

I love to leverage my strategic thinking to help the church get to where it needs to go, whether that is a specific local church with its unique God-given assignment, or whether it's wrestling with the bizarre current context and what the means for the future ahead of us.

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A regular dose of hope and insight

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