Want to take the next step and dive deeper? E-courses are fantastic way to learn and grow at the convenience of whatever works best for your schedule!

Who doesn't want to move out of hanging-on-by-a-thread and into truly thriving in this unique season?

The pandemic has been unexpected, but it doesn't mean your spiritual life has to stall out until it is over!

I believe this is our once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow and thrive, and I'm planning to get everything I can from this experience. Sound impossible? This e-course will show you exactly what I mean. Along this journey, myself and some of my friends will cover a number of spiritual lessons and activities that have been critical for us in navigating this strange, new season.

The best part? There is no charge for this course. As we thought about it, we felt we couldn't charge for this; we had to get this in the hands of anyone it would help for free! To that end, we decided to pay it forward like Jesus says: "Freely we've received, so we freely give." If it is helpful to you, pay it forward to someone else!