I read this book as part of a theological mentoring program that I'm a part of, and I'm thrilled I did! I found this book incredibly interesting and enlightening to read. This book reads like a theological book (not for those not used to a level of academic reading), but it was well worth the effort.

Stronstad does a masterful job tying together Biblical threads from the Old Testament about the Spirit of God and showing how those threads run continuously through the Luke-Acts two-volume work. I found it really interesting and challenging. I don't think I understood why sometimes I've heard people say that Luke is the "theologian of the Spirit" before reading this book, but I get it now. I also found it really interesting that although Luke is the author who pens the most words of any in the New Testament, I've come across strikingly little conversation about his works. Compared with Paul or John, I found Luke was a gap in my study - and I suspect I'm not alone in that regard. This book helped me develop in a blind spot I didn't know I had.

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