The Innovators
Walter Issacson

Having recently read and really enjoyed Issacson's The Code Breaker, I decided to try another one of his books out. I find biographies of fields of study or industries to be fascinating and this book promised to cover exactly that territory for the digital revolution.

The Innovators is a significant read: 488 pages covering the history and major developments from the first mechanical counting machines through to the development of the web (which culminates with the creation of the Google search engine). Along the way Issacson paints the portrait of dozens of tech innovators and occasionally reflects on where he sees the field going. It is indeed the story of how a group of hackers, geniuses, and geeks created the digital revolution as the subtitle reads.

As someone who enjoys this type of literature I really enjoyed it! Issacson is a fantastic writer and I believe the digital revolution is playing out to be an epoch-defining historical event, so I found the history and an insider look at how it came to be to be both fascinating and helpful.

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