Give and Take
Adam Grant

I came across this book as a reference in another good I read (I honestly don't remember which one). Intrigued by the subtitle - Why helping others drives our success - I picked it up and gave it a read. In Give and Take, Grant suggests there are three types of approaches as it comes to relationships:

  1. Takers, who are working to get as much for themselves out of any given interaction
  2. Matchers, who work to keep an "even balance" in the relationship where each person receives equal benefit
  3. Givers, who are working to give as much as possible to others in any given interaction

Grant works through defining each type and explores aspects of each type: the way they build relational networks, how they influence others, how they spot people's potential, and so on. Along the way, Grant illustrates with examples of each type and cites research that indicates that givers win out more than matchers or takers in many aspects of life - as long as they are givers who can be realistic and not forget about themselves too much in the process.

I found this book encouraging and rewarding to read. If nothing else, I found myself edified to read a secular and academic book contemplating how we can take an approach that Jesus endorses: one in which we give without trying to get for ourselves and through that our lives are blessed.

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