All Things New
Pete Hughes

I read this book because I was interested to learn more about the author, Pete Hughes, as he was also one of the speakers at the Cause to Live For conference I recently spoke at in the UK. I'd heard good things about Pete and I was curious to hear more of his story and his teaching. Pete and his wife Bee lead Kings Cross Church in London where they have managed to build a thriving community with many young adults in one of the most secular environments in the west. Anyone who can manage that is worth listening to!

All Things New is largely Pete's exposition of the story of the Bible. It is non-theological-in-tone version of a systematic theology text from Pete's point of view. It's clear Pete is passionate about the Bible and the Kingdom of God, and he does a wonderful job articulating the story of the kingdom of God and tracing it through the Biblical story. I particularly liked his Creation-Decreation-Recreation arc, which Pete articulates is the pattern of the biblical story and shapes the pattern of our salvation and discipleship as well. He's nailed a good organizing principle with catchy language in that.

What I really like most about this book is the slot it fills for me as a book that I can hand someone who is interested in learning more about Kingdom Theology and what its content contains. This is a great book for an interested reader asking exactly that question: which is a question I find being asked rather frequently. For a while I've been on the search for a good book to hand that person, and this book seems about perfect for that.

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